Differences between sport, classic and ridge climbing

Discover the excitement of climbing in Rodellar with Aventura Rodellar, where we will guide you through the dizzying modalities of sport, classic and ridge climbing. Immerse yourself in the vertical magic of the Sierra de Guara and take advantage of the unique opportunity to perfect your skills with our specialized climbing courses.

In the heart of the Sierra de Guara, Rodellar stands as a unique destination for climbing lovers. Aventura Rodellar, with its 25 years of experience, invites you to explore the heights through three fascinating modalities: sport climbing, classic climbing and ridge climbing. As well as providing you with exciting experiences in each discipline, we also offer you the opportunity to improve your skills with specialized courses adapted to all levels. Now, join us on this vertical journey and discover the magic that awaits in the heights of Rodellar.

1. Sport Climbing:

Delve into Rodellar's impressive vertical walls and overhangs with sport climbing. This style, characterized by short but intense routes, finds its home in the rock formations of the Sierra de Guara. Experience exciting challenges and improve your skills with our specialized courses.

2. Classic Climbing:

Discover the most intimate connection with the rock through classic climbing in Rodellar. Explore long routes in naturally unprotected terrain, using protection placement techniques such as fissures and friends. Aventura Rodellar guides you on these challenging routes, and our specialized courses will prepare you to face these challenges with confidence.

3. Ridge Climbing:

Adventure reaches new heights with ridge climbing, combining exhilarating climbs with the experience of walking along narrow, exposed ridges. Rodellar and the surrounding area provide the perfect backdrop for this unique challenge. Aventura Rodellar, in addition to accompanying you in these vertical experiences, invites you to participate in ridge climbing courses.

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced climber, Aventura Rodellar is committed to making your experience memorable and safe. Get ready to elevate your skills with our specialized courses or our guided adventure activities and discover the magic of climbing in the Sierra de Guara!

The heights are waiting for you.